Nailympia Vietnam 2024 took place on April 10 to 11, 2024 in Ho Chi Minh City. By Mr. Damon Ho in collaboration with ISIE IMMIGRATION CONSULTING SERVICES ONE MEMBER CO., LTD., taking on the role of organizing committee and with close support from Ms. Alex Fox – Global Director of Nailympia.

HTV News: “Nailympia Vietnam 2024 A Glorious New Step In Nail Art”
Nailympia Vietnam 2024, a creative playground and pinnacle of nail art, held for the first time in Vietnam has brought a new boost to the domestic and international nail artist community. With the participation of hundreds of contestants and a series of leading brands in the industry, Nailympia Vietnam 2024 was a great success.
From the thrilling competitions to the breathtaking performances of the Grand Masters, the event brought an exciting and emotional journey to all fans. This is a testament to the attraction and potential of the nail industry in Vietnam on the global art map.

Contestant Le Dai Phat’s journey to participate in Nailympia Vietnam 2024
Contestant Le Dai Phat’s journey to participate in Nailympia Vietnam 2024 is not only about awards but also profound stories about the nail profession. Join him to share and discover more about his emotional experiences in this profession.

Preserve moments with special gifts for judges at Nailympia Vietnam 2024
Nailympia Vietnam 2024 has passed but the emotions still remain. In addition to the glorious moments of the talented warriors, there are also the overwhelming emotions and happiness of the judges when receiving a warm welcome and gratitude. from the organizing committee.

The Heroes Behind the Shining Success of Nailympia Vietnam 2024
Nailympia Vietnam 2024, organized and executed by ISIE Consultancy and Immigration Services Co., Ltd., has provided an exceptional artistic platform for the nail industry.

ISIE is proud to be the first and only unit to bring the World Nailympia competition to Vietnam
On April 10 and 11, 2024, the world’s largest nail creativity contest “Nailympia Vietnam 2024” was held in Ho Chi Minh City, organized by ISIE Immigration Consulting Company Limited. and do.

Nghia Nippers – The shining “King” of the nipper industry and highlights at Nailympia Vietnam 2024

Nailympia Vietnam 2024 made a strong impression on nail art enthusiasts worldwide. This is not only an important international event in the nail industry but also an opportunity for top artists, experts, and passionate individuals to gather, interact, and learn from each other. This year’s event was even more spectacular with the participation of Nghia Nippers as the Platinum Sponsor, the “king” in the production of nail care tools in Vietnam.

HTV News: “Vietnam Hosts the World’s Largest Nail Art Competition for the First Time”
The most anticipated event celebrating the art of nails – Nailympia Vietnam 2024 has officially opened in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the first time Vietnam has hosted an international-level event in the nail industry, attracting the participation of hundreds of nail artists and professionals from around the world.