Nailympia VietNam 2024: Honors the jugles

Preserve moments with special gifts for judges at Nailympia Vietnam 2024

Nailympia Vietnam 2024 has passed but the emotions still remain. In addition to the glorious moments of the talented warriors, there are also the overwhelming emotions and happiness of the judges when receiving a warm welcome and gratitude. from the organizing committee. Over two exciting and dramatic days in Ho Chi Minh City, the Nailympia Vietnam 2024 competition is not only an opportunity for contestants to show off their talents but also an opportunity for international judges to experience Vietnamese beauty culture and art.

In particular, ISIE IMMIGRATION SERVICES CONSULTING COMPANY LIMITED is the organizing unit that honored and gave special gifts to the judges who created beautiful and meaningful images. During the closing ceremony of Nailympia Vietnam 2024, the organizing committee expressed gratitude to the judges and awarded Certificates and Medals, along with a special gift imbued with Vietnamese culture – Non La. Each conical hat is not simply a gift, but also a symbol of the organizers’ respect and gratitude for the presence and contributions of the judges.

The conical hat is not only a simple decorative item but also a profound symbol of national culture and tradition. With its gently curved shape and natural color of coconut leaves, the conical hat brings an image of purity and serenity, often used in cultural activities, festivals, and in people’s daily lives. Vietnam.

ISIE created special conical hats for the judges of Nailympia Vietnam 2024, not simply as a gift, but also as a symbol of respect and honor for Vietnamese culture and people. . Each conical hat is meticulously and delicately crafted, with delicately drawn lines, recreating the image of the homeland, national symbols and traditional values.

Looking at the conical hat, we can see images of green bamboo, lotus flowers and peaceful village roads, and pictures of the rustic life of Vietnamese people. Each stroke on the conical hat is like a story about history, culture and the resilient and creative spirit of the Vietnamese people.

The conical hat not only represents the natural beauty of the homeland but is also a symbol of understanding and respect for the nation’s cultural heritage. ISIE created conical hats with a message of gratitude and respect for the country and people of Vietnam.

This is also a way to affirm that Vietnam is not only a destination for international competitions, but also a place where people can find warmth, joy and open acceptance from people. Vietnam. The special gift from Vietnamese culture has made the Nailympia Vietnam 2024 contest the most special among the countries that Nailympia has visited and the radiant smile on the judges’ lips will be the most authentic proof.

Hopefully in the future, Nailympia Vietnam will become more spectacular, with the participation of more countries, providing opportunities for nail artists around the world to express their talent and creativity. themselves in Vietnam. The development and improvement of the quality of the competition will be indispensable, and at the same time, expanding the scope of the event will create new and exciting experiences for both contestants and audiences.