Nghia Nippers – The shining “King” of the nipper industry

Nghia Nippers – The shining “King” of the nipper industry and highlights at Nailympia Vietnam 2024

Nailympia Vietnam 2024 made a strong impression on nail art enthusiasts worldwide. This is not only an important international event in the nail industry but also an opportunity for top artists, experts, and passionate individuals to gather, interact, and learn from each other. This year’s event was even more spectacular with the participation of Nghia Nippers as the Platinum Sponsor, the “king” in the production of nail care tools in Vietnam.

Nghia Nippers – Platinum sponsor of Nailympia Vietnam 2024

Nghia Nippers – Platinum Sponsor of Nailympia Vietnam 2024 Nghia Nippers – A National Brand Icon

This year, ISIE Consulting Services LLC is honored to be the main organizer of the Nailympia Vietnam event, pioneering in bringing Vietnam to the list of countries hosting the global Nailympia event, and more importantly, enhancing the position of the Vietnamese nail industry on the international stage.
At Nailympia Vietnam this year, besides the enthusiastic participation of contestants from around the world, the event also attracted dozens of famous brands in the beauty and care field from major countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, etc. Among them, Nghia Nippers stood out as a special companion to the organizing committee as the Platinum Sponsor, representing the host country Vietnam alongside other “big players” in the industry.

Nghia Nippers’s booth at the event

Nghia Nippers has long been a familiar brand in the minds of Vietnamese people when it comes to nail care tools. Not only limited to the domestic market, Nghia Nippers also aims to reach out to the world, bringing “Made in Vietnam” products to international friends. At the event, many judges, contestants, and guests expressed their satisfaction and excitement when experiencing Nghia Nippers’ product sets for the first time. The products launched this time were exquisitely designed, with diverse models and materials, including a set of tools plated with 24K gold. “Besides improving product designs to bring diversity to all users, we focus heavily on product quality because the quality of the product is the brand’s survival,” a representative from Nghia Nippers shared.

Nghia Nippers introduces new products at the event

This year marks the first time Nailympia has been held in Vietnam, marking an important milestone and laying the groundwork for strong future development. This would not have been possible without the strong support of Nghia Nippers as the Platinum Sponsor. Nghia Nippers’ partnership has transformed Nailympia Vietnam 2024 into not just a competition but also a valuable playground where contestants can explore and expand their limits.
Nghia Nippers’ presence at Nailympia Vietnam 2024 not only helped elevate the brand image of Vietnam but also opened up many new cooperation and development opportunities. Through this event, Nghia Nippers has proven that its products can meet domestic needs and compete and shine in the international market.

Highlights of Nghia Nippers at Nailympia Vietnam 2024

Dressed in the brand’s signature green, with the slogan “Nghia Nippers – Meaningful Life,” Nghia Nippers’ booth successfully stood out in the main hall of the event. Amidst the vibrant and bustling competition, Nghia Nippers’ booth became the focal point, attracting the attention of thousands of visitors.

Nghia Nippers’s products attracted a lot of interest

Not stopping there, Nghia Nippers affirmed its influence among nail art fans. While contestants were competing intensely, a special moment occurred when Nghia Nippers’ TVC was shown on the main stage. The vibrant images and meaningful message of the TVC captured the attention of many visitors. Despite being focused on the competition, many contestants and spectators couldn’t take their eyes off the screen to watch every moment of the TVC.

Nghia Nippers TVC

To honor the important contributions and invaluable companionship in making Nailympia Vietnam 2024 a success, the organizers especially honored Platinum Sponsor Nghia Nippers, along with other prestigious sponsors. Representatives of the sponsors were presented with flowers and commemorative plaques by the organizers as a tribute and recognition for their great contributions to the event.

Sponsors receiving flowers and commemorative plaques from the organizers

With the desire to leave a beautiful and lasting impression on the judges attending the first Nailympia event in Vietnam, the organizers and representatives from Nghia Nippers personally handed out special gifts from ISIE Consulting Services LLC to the international judges. These were hand-painted conical hats, each adorned with images of diligent Vietnamese people, the elegance of the lotus flower, or the strength of green bamboo groves. These gifts not only demonstrated hospitality but also introduced the distinctive culture of Vietnam to international friends.

The organizers and Nghia Nippers presenting gifts to the judges

At the most anticipated moment of Nailympia Vietnam 2024, Nghia Nippers’ representative appeared on stage to present awards to the outstanding contestants and certify the Grand Master Nails. Nghia Nippers’ presence during this moment of honor not only recognized the efforts and talents of the contestants but also demonstrated the brand’s strong commitment to supporting and developing the nail art community. This contributed to creating glorious and emotional moments, engraving a deep impression of Nghia Nippers in the hearts of the audience.

Nghia Nippers representative presenting awards to winning contestants

With significant contributions and tireless efforts, Nghia Nippers has been continuously affirming its position on the international map. The brand not only brings quality products but also contributes to enhancing the value of the Vietnamese nail art industry. Stay tuned for future Nailympia Vietnam seasons to follow the shining contestants and the great contributions of Nghia Nippers in particular and other sponsors in general to the development of the global nail industry.